Pieces With Purpose

Pieces With Purpose

Since day 1, we have always had the intention of putting money back into Indigenous Communities. Our main focus with these pieces is to raise money and awareness for ongoing issues that plague communities and infringe on basic rights to this day. Since we have started we have been able to extend that support to many communities and organizations. Here’s a look at what we have done since . . 


Native Women’s Association Of Canada :  $1837.54

Native Women’s Resource Centre Toronto : $1456.45 + 

Indigenous Women’s Fund of Canada : $406.30

Indian Residential School Survivor Society : $1264.37 (personal donation) $3780.00 (raffle)

Minwaashin Lodge : $263.89

Loveland Foundation : $126.18

Mi’Kmaq Fisherman Releif Fund : $580.35

Trans Wellness Ontario : $103.96


Please email us for any questions, concerns or documents supporting these donations. We post all on our instagram as they are done and retain financial documents supporting these claims.

Sweetgrass Collection

November 2019 we announced our staple Sweetgrass Collection. All peices are made with three strands of sterling silver wire twisted ( not braided * ) to resemble the Indigenous medicine “Sweetgrass”. This beautiful handmade collection comes with a beautiful purpose so you can wear every piece proudly.

These rings are made to represent one of the Four Sacred Medicines - Sweetgrass.

For EVERY ring that is sold $10 will be donated to the @nwrct (Native Women’s Resource Center Toronto)  


Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto provides a safe and welcoming environment for all Indigenous women and their children in the Greater Toronto Area. Our programs offer wrap around blanket services to address and support Basic Needs, Housing, Families, Advocacy, Employment, Education, Healing from Trauma, and Access to Ceremonies and Traditional Practitioners/ Healers. NWRCT aims to build confidence and capacity within the collective community.

Credits to https://nwrct.ca/about/


Four Direction Necklaces

In collaboration with Anice Jewellery, These necklaces were designed to represent the 4 Directions/Medicine Wheel Colours. 20% of each necklace sold will be donated to the Native Women’s Association of Canada. 

The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is founded on the collective goal to enhance, promote, and foster the social, economic, cultural and political well-being of First Nations, Métis and Inuit women. NWAC is an aggregate of thirteen Native women’s organizations from across Canada and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1974. Much like a “Grandmother’s Lodge”, we as aunties, mothers, sisters, brothers and relatives collectively recognize, respect, promote, defend and enhance our Native ancestral laws, spiritual beliefs, language and traditions given to us by the Creator.

Strawberry Solstice Collection

In June 2023 , we partnered up with @Themoderntoolsmith to create a custom strawberry metal stamp. We use this stamp

to create custom hand made strawberry disk necklace in honour of the June’s Strawberry Moon. These necklaces symbolize growth, and bloom as we typically see in June.


20% of each necklace is donated to Minwaashin Lodge 

Indigenous Women's Support Center has been honoring and celebrating Indigenous women for 25 years. We are located in Ottawa / Algonquin Territory. 

Our programs include employment, culture, counselling, and children and family. We also have a 25 (4 beds unfunded) bed shelter for Indigenous women fleeing violence, Oshki Kizis. Our shelter also hosts programs such as Housing First, STORM (Street Team Outreach Mobile), outreach, and anti-human trafficking work. 






Excerpt credits to : https://www.nwac.ca


We do our donations once we hit a certain amount.

All are posted for viewing references.


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