How To Take Care of Your New Jewels

Sterling Silver, 10K or 10K Solid Gold

The beauty about these metals is that it they can be worn everyday. They can however, tarnish overtime (and thats totally normal! ). Tarnishing of silver jewellery can be caused by a few things , your skins pH balance is one. The most common factor we have found that tarnishes silver is the air quality in which you store it. The safest way to protect your jewellery is to store in plastic baggies and seal tightly.

Tarnished Silver ?Dull looking Gold?  No problem! Dish soap is your best friend. Grab a bottle of sunlight dish soap and an toothbrush (not your everyday one!) and get scrubbing. You do not need fancy jewellery cleaners in fact in the long run they are not good for your jewellery and they can harm your gemstones. ESPECIALLY PEARLS. A little dish soap goes a long way ! Pair with a polishing cloth and your jewellery will be good as new.

14K Goldfilled:

14K Gold Filled Jewellery is an excellent alternative to solid karat Gold jewellery but it requires some extra care..

-take off jewellery when washing hands

-take off jewellery when applying hair products,body lotions or any sort of oil/moisturizer !

DO NOT clean with store bought jewellery cleaner. a polishing cloth will suffice. If need be ,simple fragrance free soap will do. EVERY person contains a different ph balance in their skin! This means the reactions will be different and does not pertain to allergies.Gold filled jewellery contains a base metal of brass or copper this could affect people with VERY sensitive allergies (keep in mind there is a layer of gold over this metal)




Sterling Silver Plated In 22Kt Gold

While we use a durable plating method , it is important to take care of your jewels carefully. First and foremost when you are not wearing them

PLEASE, Please, pleaaaaase store properly. Our base before plating is sterling silver which does tarnish more frequently than others due to many environmental variables. Tarnished silver with no plating, no problem you can easily wash away any oxidization, but when you have a nice rich 22kt base over top... i think you can guess what happens.  Avoid wearing in the shower, oils from moisturizer and shampoos can react with the plating. Although we have peices we have worn non stop 24/7 for a year, not everyone’s skincare routine is the same and its impossible to know what ingredients are in everyone’s products and how they will react. It’s best just to take them off.

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